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Just three friends who wanted to create a whisky tasting experience in a country they call home

From Novices To Explorers

Like many, Aaron, Alicia and Jin began as whisky novices. Friends and family introduced them to big commercial brands off the shelf, but there was a lack of variety, and it got repetitive. Soon, they found themselves seeking alternatives—drams that could please their adventurous palates.

Visits to speakeasies and whisky bars around the world opened their senses to what whisky could be: remarkably complex and curiously unique from one dram to another. It created in them an insatiable thirst for refined whisky, and thus, the quest for its curation began.

A Neat Discovery For Malaysia

From the world to Malaysia, Aaron, Alicia and Jin thought, why not? Everyone has a passion they would love to share. For the three, it was excellent whisky, and The Whisky Notes was born.

Malaysians no longer need to fly across the ocean to taste different whiskies. The reverse is possible: whisky flights delivered right to the doorstep

Save Your Liver and Your Pockets

The best thing about a subscription is the value for money, and we get to keep our livers in check. There's no need to commit to buying or finishing a whole bottle just to taste a whisky expression. That’s what our curated monthly tasters are for.

The Whisky Notes tasting sets give each whisky explorer three unique tasters to discover every month. Each comes with “notes” to help you uncover the complex flavours in a dram.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

With hundreds of distilleries worldwide, it would be a waste not to explore the whiskies they produce. The Malaysian whisky community needed two things: awareness of the variety available and access to those whiskies. Without them, many whisky drinkers return to the same ol’ bottles.

By nosing around (and in drams) to curate a collection of excellent whiskies, the duo aims to jazz up the whisky drinking culture in Malaysia.

They also hope to educate new whisky drinkers with what they call “lessons in the dram”—fun facts to get explorers acquainted with the latest updates and centuries-old worth of whisky history.

A Shared Experience

Alicia tastes apple, Jin tastes honey, but Aaron tastes a nutty flavour—maybe almond? The whisky has all three. Since no two noses are the same, having a community of whisky drinkers makes a difference. Our gift section allows you to bring your friends along this spirit-ual journey (pun intended).

It’s more than just gatherings, though ideal. You and your pal can be in two places yet have one shared experience in the digital space.

Would you like your own whisky journey? Start here.

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